From the mountain station of the Gastlosen Express, it's about 5 km down to the valley, guaranteed fun.


A 10 minute walk from the mountain station will take you to Panorama Square and to a rendez-vous with the Gastlosen.


In the meantime the children can play extensively so that the adults can enjoy the view as well. Picnic table available.


Enjoy the peace and space of the sky with a jauner paraglider pilot and experience a flight around the famous Gastlosen.

Adventure trail

Solve puzzles, find clues, go through fences and be on the trail of the little devil.

Bike Tours

Comming soon.

Magicpass holders have free access to the chairlift to the playground, scooter rental and hiking trails.

Hiking trails

Gastlosen tour

Walk at the foot of the limestone walls around the imposing rock formation. The view of the Alps is terrific.


Through the foothills of the Alps you can hike from the idyllic Schwarzsee over the Euschels Pass to Jaun.

Geological path

At 12 observation posts you will discover the geological treasures of the region, which belongs to the national importance.

Chalet du Soldat

The well-known soldier's house can be easily reached on foot to enjoy the magnificent view.

Adventur trail

Learn the devilish story of the grandmother's hole, the Jauner OS students like to tell them to you.

Jaun - Gruyère

Along the Jaunbach and Lac de Montsalvens through the Jaunbach gorge to the well-known castle of Gruyère.

Food and accommodation

Hotel zur Hochmatt

Chalet Grat

Tea Room Enzian

Hotel Wasserfall


Ritzli Alp


Buvette des Sattels

Oberer Euschels

Bahnen / Remontées:


1656 Jaun


Büro / Bureau:

Jaun-Gastlosen Bergbahnen AG

Hauptstr. 381

CH-1656 Jaun

Tel.: 026 929 81 32